The actress showed her what her successor when left home alone. Fans were shocked by the artistry 17-year-old Lely. She showed that inherited talents from their mother star.

TV presenter and actress Larisa Guzeeva loves his two successors – his son George and daughter Olga. Adult children respond to their stellar mother same, fully trusting her and allowing me to publish their photos and video in her microblog on Instagram.

On the eve of Larisa Guzeeva shared hooligan video with 17-year-old Lely. “One home! All good mood!” commented video the host of “let’s get married!”

Young beauty in the frame is plastic moves under heat “Maybe” by the American rock singer Janis Joplin. Lola is dressed in the latest fashion young fashion – stockings in a large grid, tiny shorts with a high waist and black silk shirt. The girl is very organic, and develops a full sense of what she sings. The video is filled with crazy energy and witty hooliganism. Photo daughter Larisa Guzeeva created a furor in the Network

Subscribers Larisa Guzeeva was delighted with the talents of her successor. They admire the artistry of Leli and do not skimp on the compliments to the girl and her stellar mom.

“Sing like nobody’s listening and dance like no one sees!”, “Uuuh!! Fire! I hope that rare combination of intelligence and bullying will be the girl mom, whom I admire!”, “I am delighted! So naturally! Children, better parents! Children, even talented parents!”, “Youth, enthusiasm, all ahead. May God give her happiness!”, “How lovely, artistry and rushing!”, “Beauty! Pretty like Mama,” “the Movement of the arms and shoulders especially liked! Fusion voice has been interesting to watch. Thanks for the video, really, the mood has improved” – praised home concert Lely fans of Larisa Guzeeva.

It is noteworthy that the actress and TV presenter with the daughter of a very close relationship. The young heiress often accompanies the mother at social events, where they act like best friends. However, it was not always so. At the beginning of the two thousandth Larissa had other work – it was a difficult time for the whole country. The girl was raised by her grandmother – mother of the stars of the ether. One time Lola had even refused to call Larissa Guzeeva mom. But now all the problems in the relationship between mother and daughter behind. Guzeeva at all supportive of his successor and understands her attempts to Express themselves.