Daughter Konchalovsky took up a dangerous sport

Дочь Кончаловского занялась опасным видом спорта
16-year-old Maria became interested in rock climbing.

Дочь Кончаловского занялась опасным видом спорта

Photo: Instagram

Yegor Konchalovsky shared an interesting photo of his daughter. 16-year-old Maria Mikhalkov confidently climbs
cliff. “My daughter!” proudly commented on a picture of Egor.

It is worth noting that Konchalovsky with her daughter, incredibly
close and warm relations. Egor admits that he became friends with Masha,
when she grew up. “My daughter and love together to sit back,
the night is forbidden products, play monopoly, watch a movie, walk in
restaurants, — told the Director in an exclusive interview to magazine “7 days”. —
our family in General proximity between parents and children usually occurs when
the child grows up. In recent years we have become very close with her daughter. Because
what is interesting to each other”.

Photo: Instagram

By the way, Mary has transformed incredibly over the past year, changing from
chubby teen in charming girl. The girl can
be proud of slim and toned figure. And it happened, thanks to a balanced diet and active lifestyle. Masha Mikhalkov deals
horse riding, fencing, surfing, and now rock climbing.