Дочка Джонни Деппа определилась с ориентацией
Lily-rose has not hide his boyfriend.

Дочка Джонни Деппа определилась с ориентацией


Photo: Splash News/East news

Recently the rising star of the modeling business, the daughter of johnny Depp — Lily-rose — surprised their fans. The fact that some time ago the girl admitted in one of his interviews that might be used to describe their sexual orientation as “undefined”. And in fact, she was spotted a couple of times in the company of girls with whom it seems to be tied more than friendships. And then, in October of last year for the first time the paparazzi caught the 16-year-old Lily-rose with a young man — a colleague at the business model, 24-year-old Ash Timestam.

Since then, Lily-rose, apparently, was defined with its orientation. Because the last time I see her solely in the company of ash. Thus, until recently the girl very nervously reacted to the attempts of the reporters to photograph her together with her boyfriend. But now, having decided to throw myself and ash romantic vacation in Paris, Lily-rose, at last, has ceased to hide from the camera lenses.

Although Stymest and had visited the capital of France, daughter of Depp and his former civil wife Vanessa Paradis is focused here much better than he is. After all, she was born in this city and know it so that maybe led him on excursions. So ash, during their joint long walks through the city streets, had his own private “tour guide”. And when the lovers tired, she sat down to rest in a cosy cafe. And here, although Paris is a big city, they managed to accidentally bump into aunt Lil, rose, who walked the streets with a baby in a stroller and also wrapped here to drink a Cup of coffee.
Ash stood first unexpected meeting with a relative of his girlfriend quite well. He relaxed, chatted, joked and even played a little bit with the baby in the mirror, touched Lily-rose. She, apparently, was pleased to know that her friend loves children.

Lily-rose and Ash Timestam

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