Alexander Tsekalo his own severity in the upbringing of children

Александр Цекало корит себя за строгость в воспитании детей Producer understands that you will not bring home work problems. Alexander Tsekalo can sometimes shout at the heirs, if they begin to act up, but soon regrets it.

      Александр Цекало корит себя за строгость в воспитании детей

      About my family Alexander Tsekalo says very reluctantly. The producer strives to protect loved ones from unnecessary attention of strangers, and therefore all unseen, with regard to his beloved wife and heirs, usually says only a few. However, not so long ago, Alexander began to bring to light not only Victoria spouse ( fiancee showman is the sister of Vera Brezhneva. – Approx. ed.), and eldest daughter of Alexander, which has grown significantly. Together with Tsekalo they do not mind to share some details of the upbringing of the heirs as daughter Sasha and son Misha.

      Alexander Tsekalo: about the wife and kids first hand

      According to the producer, the guys are growing sociable and active. Sometimes children Alexander and Victoria allow yourself a little capricious, to their famous father definitely reacts. However, soon Tsekalo regrets that demonstrates rigor, while one would be more tolerant.

      “Sometimes I worry myself too hard on yourself when once again allow myself to Boo or shout at the child who is naughty, said Tsekalo. And, of course, need to shake out of my head the load of today. Do know do not always do this. This is my puncture. Family – the territory on which the work has no right to go. Although she still climbs through text messages, via mail, via operational information. We have no holidays”.

      Despite the serious employment, a man finds the opportunity to spend time with family and not miss important points related to the growing up son and daughter, their new interests and desires. Alexander Tsekalo has admitted that this cannot be called an ideal family relations, and he has something to strive for. The producer and his wife made it a rule every evening to gather the whole family for a meal, regardless of how much they have Affairs. Go home on time man always fails, but he puts a lot of effort in order not to let relatives who are eagerly waiting for him at the family table.

      “I don’t have to be all day with the kids. So we try to observe tradition is to have dinner in the evening. As, however, and eat Breakfast together on weekends, and this tradition is from my childhood,” explained Alexander Tsekalo in an interview with “TV guide”.

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