Daughter Irina Saltykova body was covered with tattoos

Дочь Ирины Салтыковой покрыла тело татуировками 28-year-old Alice dyed her hair a dark color and “stuffed” the bird on his back. Now the daughter of a celebrity looks very impressive. Friends and acquaintances of the girl supported her in the decision to make such a impressive tattoos.

      Дочь Ирины Салтыковой покрыла тело татуировками

      While Irina Saltykova risks to health on the show “Without insurance” on the First channel, her daughter Alice conquers foreign scene. The girl has long lived in London, where he writes songs and produces music videos. And recently, Alice has dramatically changed the image. Saltykov boasted an unusual tattoo of a bird on his back on his page in Facebook. Also on the left side of the body the singer was “filled” flowers. Some tattoos can also be seen on the left hand of Alice.

      A couple of years ago daughter Irina was blonde and looks a lot like mom. But at some point, Alice decided to change the appearance. In a new image it looks very impressive. Perhaps a new image more in harmony with the state of mind of the girl. Alice is engaged in creative work and performs songs in English.

      Daughter Irina Saltykova has long lived in Europe. At first she studied in Switzerland and then moved to England. One former sweethearts Irene Alice purchased a cozy apartment in the area of Victoria Street in London. She speaks fluent English, works with foreign producers and sound engineers. During the years of residence in Albion the daughter of Saltykova has got lots of friends and connections. Every two months arrives to visit her mother who is very pleased that her daughter decided to live abroad.

      Дочь Ирины Салтыковой покрыла тело татуировками

      It is known that Alice is not yet married. Now for her first – career. In an interview, Irina Saltykova admitted that her only daughter don’t have a serious relationship, and the singer believes that this is her fault.

      “She’s not, told the star. – It was a very good guy, with whom she lived. But it did not happen. Although we have with great warmth remember about him. All about the men she talks very sensibly. Recently said, “Mom, what if I can find a decent? I need the something to imagine.” This is a little too straight. Worried that my failures in my personal life it has affected”.

      Alice was born married to a famous musician Viktor Saltykov. But the family relationships of the artists could not last long – after eight years of marriage the couple decided to part. Now Irina regretted that too much was talking about her divorce. The artist believes that the failures in the personal life of the daughter is a result of the fact that she are unable to build a family.

      Дочь Ирины Салтыковой покрыла тело татуировками
      Дочь Ирины Салтыковой покрыла тело татуировками

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