Дочь Елены Бушиной третью неделю отказывается от еды The child got a psychological trauma. Elena Bushina trying to help the girl, and even have time to contact the experts. However, no progress in the well-being Laura is not observed.
Дочь Елены Бушиной третью неделю отказывается от еды

Elena Bushina used to tell fans. She often shares the circumstances of his personal life, while not forgetting to confess his love to the spouse and children. Recently, however, the young woman shocked fans unexpected announcement. As it turned out, her daughter for several weeks refuses to eat.

According to Buchenau, the problem arose after Laura moved in vitamins-marmalade. Now she is afraid to swallow solid food and eats only liquid food.

“She is only drinking the liquid, yogurt and transparent chicken broth. No other food does not eat, refuses everything. Her throat does not hurt, and great fear to swallow! She can chew but spits out. No amount of persuasion, persuasion and motivation from our side, what to eat, do not help. She does not eat, and a favorite familiar food. Requests sometimes ice cream without a waffle cone and nut, and the initiative to food shows,” – said Bushina.

According to the former participant “Houses-2”, they have already managed to go on reception to the doctor. The specialist noted that the problem arose due to psychosomatic factors. Now Elena is going to see a pediatric specialist.

Bushina is struggling to improve the condition of his daughter, but while all measures are useless. A young woman worries that the events could affect the future well-being of Laura.

“All the attention is now focused on Laura. We invent games, stories, hikes, picnics. The nutritional situation has not changed,” said Elena.

Fans were shocked by the news about the deterioration of health Laura. They wished Buchenau to quickly deal with the problem. “Thank you, Lena, that share intimate. This is my biggest fear. Speedy recovery little girl. Everything will be fine”, “Little girl, nothing will be forgotten slowly”, “the sun, all will be well,” shared their views subscribers Helena.

Recall that the daughter of a young woman born in the spring of 2014. Also Elena and her husband Dmitry have a son Mark. Bushina not get tired to show the family reunion, noting that the appearance of the kids to light that completely changed her life.