Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель» The heiress actress said “StarHit”, as helps to parents. Daughter Darya Moroz and Konstantin Bogomolov Anya went to the first class. The girl admitted that he was waiting for the start of the study, especially, she already knows how to write the recipe and count to one hundred.

      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»

      This year Anna Bogomolova went to the first class. Her summer was quite eventful – first, she was resting with her mother in Latvia, and then in Italy, where they were joined by dad. A few days before the beginning of the school year, Anna returned to Moscow. “StarHit” met my star family on 1 September in the cafe near their house.

      “Sweet only for guests”

      Anya, did you like Italy?
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»Yes. We were in the city of Milano Marittima. Every day I swam in the sea, rode with dad on a Pedalo and saw jellyfish. They are so beautiful. I learned to swim in the pool without floaties and in the sea – just on the back. Loved the ice cream! Ate it twice every day. I love raspberry and a “quick Breakfast” – is chocolate.
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»
      In school, probably don’t want to?
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»Quite the contrary, all my best friends. I went two years to kindergarten at the German school. Know how to write the recipe, to count to a hundred! Now I go to the Deutsche Schule. There the main subject is German language. And I will continue to study English and European. Right, mom? Oh, the French.Review Daria: “the start date of the study slightly shifted, because this school operates on the German education system. In fact, children begin to engage in a September 5, the second number will be a collection of first-graders. Germany did not exist as such a solemn line, where pupils dressed with bows and flowers. Everything is easier. The kids get a big triangular envelope of coloured paper, called “zuckerhut”. It is collected by the parents. Put into candy and all sorts of nice things. First graders come to school with “Zucker”, which then rastronaut”.—
      School uniforms do you have?
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»No. What? Now you can go to anything.—
      Today is the birthday of your mom. What did you get her?
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»And I, too soon – I was born September 5th! About the mother I remember. Gave her a single painting, it was stored in my room. I drew our dog named Varya. I always give figures. Draw mom and dad, and all of us at sea and in the pool.—
      What kind of Cooking?
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»Corgi. She loves to play and jump in my bed. In early summer we were vacationing in Latvia with the nanny, mom and our Corgi. There I was trying to make Vari circus dog and teach commands. Took the fly swatter and held over the face, but she never stood up on his hind legs. Instead, he sat down and looked at the cucumbers on the table. In the end, everyone ate.
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»
      And you want to receive a gift on your birthday?
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»I asked my parents for a Darts – these Darts. I will celebrate the birthday at home, she called Sonya to meet with Maxim we are having a rest at the cottage with my grandparents, even friends from kindergarten. Want to have balloons and cake. However, sweet is not very much. This is for guests.

      “Dad’s hair color salt and pepper -“

      How would you describe mom in a few words?
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»She has short hair. She was wearing a cross. She is kind and cheerful. She has a good sense of humor. Mom also loves to paint toenails red lacquer. Her gray-blue eyes and a nose like mine.

      Like when it show on TV?
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»Love how she plays in the theater, but I don’t want mom to praise. And on TV I don’t know…Review Daria: “But I do. She plugs his ears, scrunches up her face and says it’s awful. Seriously! Anya refers to it ironically, without enthusiasm. Although, maybe just shy. But when he saw me on the stage, it was satisfied. She watched the play of Bob Wilson raised on fairy tales of Alexander Pushkin. However, we first all the stories I read to understand what it’s about. There is a non-linear narrative.
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»
      Want to be an actress, as a mom?
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»I’m a tennis player. Two years playing tennis. And the actress don’t want to. Don’t like women who wear makeup.Review Daria: “Just at the time when it comes to the theater, I usually use makeup. So it’s women who wear makeup, this artist. A couple of times we experimented and did her makeup. But my daughter is not very much”.—
      And dad you have what?
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»He has the same eyes like me brown. Little beard, mustache and black eyebrows. More hair… what to call this color? No, dad, don’t tell me, don’t want to say that they are gray. So… they had the color of salt and pepper. Dad likes to play and joke with me. Sometimes hang on his hand, and he says he can tear. And he jokingly calls me chubby, and sweet Annie.
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»
      What parents can do to criticize and what to praise?
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»They are both equally rigorous and at the same time not. Unable to criticize when you don’t listen. And yet, if the restaurant dress usaceva, well, dirty. Praise me for good tennis, if three classes in a row getting straight a’s or a-pluses, and then they buy me a toy.—
      What’s your favourite?
      Дочь Дарьи Мороз: «Приношу маме кофе в постель»Robodog, kangaroo-crumb husky named Parties and Pickles, also dog.
      At home mom help?
      I bring her coffee in bed almost every day. While she sleeps, get up, go to kitchen and make her nice.Review Daria: “for six months as Anna holds such experiments. If I am on tour, she washes your floors for my arrival. Sometimes a babysitter or a coast send me some pictures of Ani in action. So mom was lucky!”