Дочь Кристины Орбакайте растет копией Аллы Пугачевой The actress told how the Clave deals with his famous grandmother. According to Orbakaite, Alla loves when she comes to visit her for the weekend. Diva even claims that the little girl much like her.

      Popular singer Christina Aguilera tries to spend all free time with the family. Sons of the artist, Denis and Nikita have grown up and lead an independent life. As admitted star, when you change the Russian passport, in the column “Children” recorded only the daughter of Claudius.

      Little heiress is growing a very talented artist. According to Aguilera, Claudia unhappy when Mama goes on tour. The actress explained that her daughter so wants to be on stage that offended because Cristina does not take her to concerts. How did you notice the singer and her husband, Michael, baby is a lot like his famous grandmother, Alla Pugacheva.

      “She’s An Aries. Mom says: “This is my, my drop”. “Dear”, as she calls it. “I know how to communicate with her,” – often repeats the mother. When Claudius comes to her for the weekend, they conduct interviews. Mom generally likes to speak with Nikita, Denis… her this way: she likes to talk to them about life, interested in their tastes that they are looking to listen to. And they always have something to think about,” admitted Orbakaite.

      Christine explained that early in his career, she was nothing like his famous mother. As told by the singer, only with age it began to receive the gestures and mannerisms that are inherent to Alla Borisovne. “This is some genetic thing. I suddenly begin to say, “Oh, like mom said! Now as a mum to sing!” And before that I was the spitting image of dad”, – explained the singer.

      According to the artist, externally, the Keyboard is very similar to his father Michael, however, when comparing baby photos of Christine and daughter of a celebrated General features. If Aguilera is not busy on tour, she, like other mothers, devote all the time heiress.

      “When I was in Moscow, then in the morning take her to school, then I have time to go in for sport, to do their business. In the evening, if I don’t have rehearsals or filming, we together play, read, discuss current Affairs,” said Aguilera in an interview with “OK!”.