Больная раком Лама Сафонова мечтает о детях The actress hopes for a cure from cancer. Lama Safonova little more than a week ago had surgery, but decided to come to the Studio to tell about my trouble. The singer is trying to draw public attention to the problem and hopes that caring will transfer her the money for treatment.

      Больная раком Лама Сафонова мечтает о детях

      Not so long ago the singer Lama Safonova admitted to fans that she suffers from a terrible disease. Artist fighting cancer. In microblogging details she talks about how her treatment goes. She puts the photos in a hospital bed and shared his thoughts with followers. Lama also asked all concerned to help her out financially – because she has to pay for expensive drugs and procedures. Cancer singer Lama Safonova told about your condition

      Today Lama Safonova decided to tell about the trouble in the program “live”. She appeared in the Studio together with her husband, who took her to a wheelchair. The singer asked me to help her to sit on the sofa.

      “After the surgery it has been 10 days, nothing is healed. Antibiotics I can’t, so I do not accept them. Recovery is the body forces, internal forces, so long. But I struggle and hope that will win this fight,” – said Safonov.
      Больная раком Лама Сафонова мечтает о детях

      The actress admitted that today was the first time she did my makeup to look good on set. Lama said that he had diagnosed shortly before the New year. She was glad that we were able to find a surgeon who took her to the surgery, despite the fact that her body can not tolerate certain drugs, including certain types of anesthesia.

      Two years ago the actress played a magnificent wedding with her partner Alexey Ivanov. While the couple have no heirs, but they hope that their house will be heard children’s voices.

      Больная раком Лама Сафонова мечтает о детях

      The actress said that she has heart problems. They began after a robbery. Three years ago she was beaten, confiscated documents and money. Then she went to the hospital. After her health has deteriorated. Lama appealed to the clinic with complaints of heart, however, due to intolerance of the medications the doctors were in no hurry to help her. The cancer was discovered after she developed severe bleeding. The first surgery was in November.

      “I had a tumor removed from the uterus, but had not yet been diagnosed – they just could not understand what they are. Can be frozen pregnancy may be something else. When was the histology in two weeks. I was brought to the office, and the doctor said I have cancer, very aggressive. My knees buckled,” recalls Safonov.
      Больная раком Лама Сафонова мечтает о детях

      This diagnosis has completely ruined the plans of the actress – broke touring and performances. Experts in the Studio, among whom were doctors, were puzzled why such obvious symptoms doctors do not take urgent action.

      The Lama admitted that initially she didn’t want to tell the public their trouble. Her mother insisted that she told everyone about the diagnosis. It seemed to her that people can help extend the life of the artist.

      The Studio came Andrey Kovalev, who questioned the diagnosis of the artist. The man said that when he suspected a serious disease, he was not released from the hospital without a thorough examination. Moreover, Kovalev believes that few people will take to the house the camera to remove myself after the surgery, as did the Lama.

      Boris korchevnikov remembered the story of actress Stella Baranovskaya. The woman claimed to have been cured of cancer through alternative medicine. The artist was accused that she failed to account for the money that it collected concerned people. Stella admitted that more than ten million gave her friends and fans have shared with her about 800 thousand rubles.

      The couple hope to be able to become parents. Before the operation it froze the egg. Now she hopes that with the help of a surrogate mother, she could have a child.

      “This is our decision and our first reaction is only forward, if possible, it should be used. But now the first pan is to survive,” admitted the husband Safonova.