Дочери Екатерины Стриженовой объявили бойкот
Daughter of the famous TV presenter got into trouble.

Ekaterina Strizhenova with daughter Sasha

Photo: Philip Goncharov

For Sasha Strizhenovoj incident was a real tragedy.

“One day in class I announced a boycott, I felt a kind of infernal hatred and not
knew what caused it — says 16-year-old Sasha. — It happened four years ago. Because of the filming, rehearsals and performances with
musical I occasionally missed school, and this is some terribly angered.
Of course, I was worried it was a small children’s tragedy. I’ve always had
the straight a student syndrome, it seemed to me that I have to like. But there
the girl who began to set up against me. I got a million
nasty messages on the Internet quote will not… And if in social networks
was the flow of the mud in the school with me, just not talking. Don’t know what it is
over, but the offensive posts I saw sister. Anastasia explained to me
that I will never please everyone, and there is no way that you all
loved. There will always be people whom you will irritate, and most importantly in this
situation — to behave with dignity!”

Ekaterina Strizhenova also can not forget the story. “I remember this conflict. He began with the fact that we left
to celebrate silver wedding anniversary and took their children with them. It seemed to us that this
we have to be together! The girl raised a wave, they say,
Sasha dared to leave during the school year?! Strange story. The more that
we officially asked permission from the Director and took assignments for objects with a…
Alexander didn’t want us to be involved in this conflict. But I believe that
such situations need to understand and not to wait until will resolve itself. Although
the end Sasha herself razrulil”.

The presenter is convinced that in life anything can happen, and so prepared the daughters to the negative reaction of others to their well-known name. “I’m Sasha said, “you
all life to cling to, saying, and you put a good rating just because
the parents of famous movie dad and arranged, and on television has taken, because
mom agreed! You just need to say: “Yes, I Strizhenova and proud of it!”

The full interview with mother and daughter here.