Daughter Anna Khilkevich protect his family

Дочь Анны Хилькевич защищает свою семью
The actress with the entire family is vacationing in Thailand.

Дочь Анны Хилькевич защищает свою семью

Anna Khilkevich

The Christmas holiday, Anna’s family
Lee held in Thailand. Each day, the actress shared
touching photos with daughter and husband. The subjects were diverse: on the background
the sea, the restaurant on the market. Especially moved by
pictures little daughter Arianna.

For example, in the photo you Khilkevich
published in your blog, captured Anna, and in the far background of her baby.
A girl stands near a chair, on which the woman sunbathing. “When your child
explains that it’s mom’s lounger,” explained depicted on the frame of the actress.

Anna Lee with friends

We will remind, Anna Khilkevich back in July thinking about where
she the whole family to celebrate New year and spend their winter holidays. The actress then
looking for a Villa on the ocean, and asked their fans to help her
with a choice of good seats in this warm country.

“We decided on a little
new year trip with a big family in Thailand, to Phuket. Trying to find
house-Villa, — said the actress. — Maybe
among my subscribers there are realtors or real estate agents in Asia? And then these
sites with villas on the Internet a lot, but they are of little avail. I would appreciate

Of course, having found a nice Villa at the best price. And when others frantically thought about
on vacation, Anna with her husband was just waiting for the date of departure.
The daughter of actress Arianna for a year, so a long flight they are not afraid.
Moreover, on a journey that Anna and her husband Arthur took the nanny to
helped with the girl.