Дарья Мельникова умилила снимком повзрослевшего ребенка The star of the show “Daddy’s girls” showed year-old son Arthur. The actress rarely shares with fans the details of his personal life, so the frame caused a storm of emotions among its subscribers. They were delighted with funny kid photos of artists and his buddy.

      25-year-old star of the TV series “father’s daughter” Daria Melnikova rarely shares with fans the details of his personal life. In October 2015, the actress gave her husband Arthur Smolyaninovu adorable son, who was named in honor of a famous father. The couple prefers to hide the baby from prying eyes. Until recently, Daria chose not to share pictures of the child in social networks, but the other day she made an exception. Melnikov posted a photo of the kid along with his companion. Children’s faces hidden from the camera, so to say, for someone like the heir Melnikova and Smolyaninova, is not possible.

      Darya Melnikova and Artur Smolyaninov: a love story, the secret wedding and pregnancy

      “Why so much pain, mother,” shared the actress.

      The small of Arthur’s has caused a storm of emotions among followers of his famous mother. “Dora, where’s yours? Or both”, “Blond miracle”, “Life is pain”, “who Here believes that children are the flowers of life? Sometimes I look at these pretty lumps and think they are like hamsters”, “Ha, ha,” discussed social media users.

      Recall that Daria Melnikova became a mother in October 2015. The child appeared in the birthday of her dad, actor Arthur Smoljaninova. The actress gave birth in Moscow. For several months that Daria was in an interesting position, she has not stopped working. Fans Melnikova could see her on the stage of the Ermolova theatre. During the conversation with journalists, the young woman pointed out that does not complain of health. By the way, in this period, colleagues celebrities tried to support her, surrounding you with warmth and care.

      After Daria gave birth to first child, she did not stay too long on maternity leave. A few months later, the actress returned to the stage native theatre. At the moment, Melnikov and Smoljaninov happily married and loved in a charming son.

      We also add that young people have legalized their relationship in September 2013. The wedding ceremony took place in the utmost secrecy. For painting lovers went just the two of us. However, the Daria information about the secret wedding was denied. “We just went and got married,” – said Melnikov, noting that this fact does not have to worry about strangers.