Darya Dontsova is ready to forgive your spouse cheating

Дарья Донцова готова простить супругу измену
A well-known author of detective stories Darya Dontsova has shared details of family life. Daria gave an exclusive interview to the project Wday.ru in which said that never in control and not check my husband’s phone. It does not frighten that fact that the husband may be unfaithful to her.

Дарья Донцова готова простить супругу измену

“If I cheated on her, I would not pay attention to it. I have a friend with forty years of experience of marriage and five kids, whose husband, a very wealthy man, goes to the left. Naive husband thinks that his wife suspects nothing. Every time a man very “presets” and when he comes home, his hand hanging next coat. Friend quietly chuckles, hangs coat in the large cupboard to the other one hundred fifty five fur continues to live on”

– wise says Daria.

Дарья Донцова готова простить супругу измену

Recall that Daria was married to Aleksandra Dontsova in 1983. According to the writer in a marriage with a doctor of psychology, Professor of Moscow state University she was completely happy.

As the author of dozens of detectives, the secret to a happy family life is in the women’s patience, ability to forgive and not hold grudges.

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