Darling Ivan Zhidkova answered sharply the offenders

Избранница Ивана Жидкова резко ответила обидчикам A young mother furious followers. Lilia Solovieva did not tolerate negative comments, and hurried to block unpleasant users. Beloved Ivan Zhidkova considers that it does not need the advice of strangers.

Not so long ago, actor Ivan Zhidkov became a father for the second time. His fiancee Liliya Solovyova gave birth to son Stepan. Now, the beloved artist says in a microblog about the first days of baby’s life. However, the young mother resent the fact that unfamiliar people dare to leave nasty comments and criticize her. Apparently, she wants to see on his page exclusively rave reviews from followers, and therefore could not resist and said to the offenders. Darling Ivan Zhidkova was in considerable pain during childbirth

“Yes, Yes, Vanya is a public person, you say, and people will talk… But, I understand that. there afoot, and you caught me by well, very hot hand. Perhaps this will be the most emotional post, but since you did not hesitate to do this, and I will give my opinion! But unlike you, I do it on my page! Following your logic, or rather your ignorance, now I have to spend my life on forums Hollywood with the slogan “pitt, Jolie back to”, no, “pitt, go back to aniston”. I honestly do not understand how you can be so, sorry, stupid, rude, obnoxious. I never insult people I don’t know because I don’t know what events in their lives cause us to behave!” – emotionally responded Lily.

Fiancee Zhidkova has threatened to block people, words which were not to her liking. Apparently, she was offended by the remark that they were not chosen to officially register the relationship.

“I want to make a poll! Do you think it is better that the child lived in a “full” family, but have seen the scandals! Or “defective”, but in peace and harmony with each of the parents? And close this topic already. PS. I’m for the second option! – admitted Lily. And yet, yesterday the leader of the absurd was the comment “Oh, you are just living together and the child is raised, the stamp yet.” I think I’m still going to tell all your friends as a joke!”

In the discussion of publishing intervened choices and Lilies. Ivan believes that marriage is a formality that does not change anything. Some members asked what, then, prevents the lovers to get married.

“My parents 48 years of living without a stamp in the passport. She raised two children and now enjoy three grandchildren. The stamp does not solve anything, if there is love and respect”, “today’s my birthday, and my young man we live together for five years, wants to go to my parents because “I’m not your man, we’re not a family, that’s when you’re my wife, then.” And so I hear constantly, from buying things in the house, ending with the arrival of the guests”, “What prevents to complete this simple formality?” “Normal men and without a stamp will be responsible for their families and loved ones. Man need to pick up die, not to marry her for the sake of it is not clear what guarantees”, – shared his opinion followers.