Дарью Пынзарь осудили за горячие танцы в ночном клубе The star of “House-2” have fun in the company of friends. Daria Pynzar provoked a hot debate about what should do recently gave birth to a woman. Many members considered it inappropriate behavior for a mother.

      Дарью Пынзарь осудили за горячие танцы в ночном клубе

      The former participant of “House-2” Daria Pynzar just recently celebrated two months since the birth of his second son David. However, the presence of the small child did not change the usual life Daria and her husband Sergei Pynzar. Young parents think that the baby needs to fit into the family schedule, and because the couple is not sitting at home and leads an active and rich lifestyle. Pinzari go fishing, go to birthdays and weddings for friends, and recently, the whole family travelled to the Crimea by car.

      Sergey Pynzar helping his wife and sympathetic to the fact that Daria is sometimes necessary to relax about the children and have fun with friends. Last night, for example, a young mother held the club together with his two friends gave hot dances under incendiary hits.

      Дарью Пынзарь осудили за горячие танцы в ночном клубе

      Video from the party Darya Pynzar has published in his microblog. A beautiful young woman moves beautifully, showing all its charms. Report about the beautiful pastime of the former participant “Houses-2” has received not only a lot of likes, but also attracted hundreds of comments. Subscribers Pynzar crossed swords. Some believe that for a mom of two boys and loving wife Dasha behaves too provocatively, others do not see anything wrong with that Pynzar loves and knows how to have fun.

      “And as entertaining baby two months without a mom night? If it’s on the breast? From the bottle that you?” “Dora, is it not possible at least six months to suffer without partying so the baby grew calm, not nervous without mom”, “Simple act, the mother of two children. Horror”, “Weird moms now…. As if in search of a male” – expressed an ethicist.

      “Good For You, Dasha! Mom also needs to rest,” “what in Dasha crazy? My daughter 11 years old when she was a baby, I also left her with my husband or grandma and went with her friends to hang out, it is clear that not all night but for a couple of hours. And consider it normal. And I fed up to two years at the breast, and this does not interfere with either the mother or child, “And that, with the birth of a child we love to dance? Dress? To have fun? I also love all of it! And like the same fun like Dora!”, there are fans Pynzar to support it.

      By the way, many commentators noted that recently born women Daria just looks brilliant. However, a young mother keeps trying to lose weight and recognized that to do that to her is incredibly difficult. Daria Pynzar can’t lose weight after childbirth

      Daria often breaks down, but solemnly promises to all seriously get ahold of yourself and strictly follow the diet, adding to eating properly exercise.

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