Дарья Пынзарь откровенно рассказала о сексуальной жизни с мужем The celebrity spoke on the topic which concerns many married women. According to Daria, the appearance of the child brings together the lovers and forces them to reconsider their views on many things. Pynzar also spoke about the first intimacy with a spouse after delivery.

      The reality star and mother of two charming sons of Darya Pynzar happily married for over six years. Sergey, husband blonde beauty tries to help her get through. Daria recently wrote a column in the same online edition, in which he spoke about the exciting many women subject. Pynzar frankly told about how to establish a personal life after giving birth. According to celebrity, it is quite possible, but not immediately, but after a month and a half after the appearance of the baby. She also spoke about the advantages of intimacy after a long abstinence.

      “You are thin, beautiful, and your man at you are really missed (poor as he had to wait). The closeness of this period of prosperity can compare with the first night of love. You and your man as if reliving this moment! It’s an incredible emotion and feelings. Then the hand goes and a long wait, and the fact that we are from the Hippo again become a beautiful woman! Believe me, a little belly, which can still be imperfect, your loving husband will not notice if you won’t talk about it. Because you will bind the main thing – naked and true emotions of two very happy and miss each other people”, – said Daria.

      Note that when Pynzar was in an interesting position, many pregnant subscribers will asked her advice about his personal life. They complained that men are reluctant to join with them in intimacy. In an interview with “StarHit” Daria said frankly that her husband was afraid to have sex with her, fearing to harm the unborn child. “I think girls need to be sensitive to such fears of their second halves” – these words the young woman clarified its attitude to this issue.

      Daria Pynzar: “Husband is afraid to have sex with me”

      In addition, Daria has frankly told about how it survived the first month after the birth of her second son. According to the reality star, it was a very difficult period when she and her husband couldn’t sleep and was very tired. However, a joint vigil over the crib of a baby brought her and Sergei, and, according to Daria, it’s much better intimacy. “You and your husband overwhelmed with emotions of Dating with a baby do you have to change the old way of life”, – quotes the star of “Leider”.