Дарья Пынзарь сравнила две свои беременности Ex-participant of “House-2” is expecting her second baby with great trepidation than the first. Daria Pynzar explained his passion for showcasing pregnant forms. “I want all the attention to his person,” – says Dasha.

      Дарья Пынзарь сравнила две свои беременности

      One of the strongest pairs created while participating in the reality show “Dom-2”, Darya and Sergey Pynzar, as you know, this spring will again become parents. Dasha will give her husband a son, and four Topic – younger brother. Not so long ago, Daria Pynzar admitted that her second pregnancy differs from the first one, which was not so conscious as today. The expectant mother explained that the brand is not shy of its forms, and believes that her condition is the most magical for women.

      “The first pregnancy I did not feel as second – written by Daria Pynzar in the microblog. – I did not understand how it tremulous and tender moment. And now that I know that there is a living part of me, living tiny person, a little person, I want all the attention to his person. I love him madly and want all knew it, and what tightness here can we talk”. Unlike many women in her position, Daria Pynzar absolutely alien to any superstitions and fears, and so willing to give all the joy and positive, demonstrating the growing tummy. “I don’t believe and never believed in “evil eye,” continued the expectant mother the idea. – I believe in the materiality of thought. My dream is to have a big happy family, and I’m trying to build”.

      It is worth noting that the ex-participant of “House-2” concealed interesting position from subscribers of the microblogging only as long as her pregnancy was not obvious to others. And for the past few months, Daria Pynzar pleases fans of photos filled with joy and happiness about the upcoming exciting event of their child being born. A young woman demonstrates not only their pregnant form, but also talks about the dowry for a future son. Daria and her husband Sergey already purchased a whole fleet of strollers for baby trendy cooked in a special cradle, which my mother can easily transfer from one room apartment to another. Demonstrated Daria Pynzar his fans and the envelope in which on his first walk will depart her newborn son.

      It is obvious that Daria pregnancy proceeds without any complications. She continues to lead an active life, visiting the pool, not so long ago the whole family Pinzari vacationing in Thailand, and the expectant mother great moved a long flight.

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