Danila Kozlovsky shared a revelation about the woman that changed his life

Данила Козловский поделился откровением о женщине, изменившей его жизнь
The actor believes that his close friend.

Danila Kozlovsky and Marina Golub

8 Dec known actress Marina Golub, who died in 2012 in a car accident, would have turned 60 years old. On the day of the birthday of the actress many colleagues shared their memories about what an amazing person she was. One of the most touching messages in the Network left by Danila Kozlovsky.

“It is impossible to describe that kind of person..It is the rare person that you really, truly, was interesting. He’s been calling and not talking about yourself for 30 minutes, and forced you to speak for half an hour. About what happened, what’s bothering you. Who was interested in your life really who cared, helped, encouraged, amused. Which did not let you dig in a bad mood and go back for a long time. Rare, an honest man. In each of his manifestation, the act of the word. If you hopelessly sad, we have to call mana. If you do well, you have to call a Mans because she had that rare gift, really happy for you. Often, even more than you do.

This is an incredibly talented man with a kind of cosmic energy. If Manya appeared in the company, it immediately became an event. Once she was asked what love is. She said: “When in the absence of the person choking, a in his presence understand that this is your world. Perhaps this is love.” At the moment, I particularly like the answer to this eternal, terribly banal, almost trite question. And everywhere I ran across the quotes of great men who, except on an intellectual level, I’m more touched. And then I read that sentence. Such a simple, true, understandable, and “experienced” it. And, as if understood something. Felt something.

It is the one. I’m grateful for the fact that I knew for a fact that I had the opportunity to take and to call her. And she always answered the phone. She always had time for you. And so much love..happy birthday, the most solar man in the universe! How do you not enough!” — Daniel wrote in his microblog.