Danila Kozlovsky plays a major role in his first directorial work

Данила Козловский  играет главную роль в своей первой режиссёрской работе

Danila Kozlovsky, the star of the national cinema, tries his hand as a Director. The first “Trainer” — not only the first directorial work, he has also appeared co-wrote the script and plays the main role – player Yuri Stoleshnikov.

In the film, the protagonist scorer of the national team failed to score a penalty in a crucial game, then leaves the team and goes to the province, where the coach becomes the little known local football team. Well, in the best Hollywood films, again believes in himself and achieves success.
“I always wanted to play a football coach. When we started working on the film “the Coach”, I planned to only be a producer and actor, but at some point I realized that can’t and don’t want to trust anyone that story, I want to tell her yourself, as a Director. For me this story is about passion, feelings, emotions… About how a small group of people in a distant provincial town changed the world around them. About people who are not afraid to realize his dream and thus give others hope, hope to carry out the impossible. In the history of football a lot of such examples: FC Rostov, Leicester, Iceland. But this film is not only about football. It is also an attempt to tell about the glorious and the heroes of the past, and about what is happening here and now. That miracle is possible today,” — said Kozlovsky his new job.
The producers of the film were “Studio trite Nikita Mikhalkov”, “Kinoslovo” and “DK Entertaiment”.
Shooting Daniel has already started and plans to finish them this summer. Locations — Moscow, London, Novorossiysk, Krasnodar.
On the screen the film will be released in April next year, just in time for the world Cup, which will be held in Russia in summer 2018. By the way, Danila Kozlovsky is the official Ambassador of this sporting event.