Дэниел Крэйг разошелся с женой
The couple lead separate lives.

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz


It is learned that Daniel Craig, famous for playing the character James
Bond, for several months living apart from his wife Rachel wise. About
it reported the online edition of the National Enquirer.

Rumors that the family of the actor is not all right, started
spread last fall. Hollywood gossip claimed that
Craig is unhappy with his wife — a very popular actress. The fact that
Rachel works almost non-stop. For example, just last year
Wise managed to play in four films, and her schedule for the next two years.

So Daniel saw the wife of not often, moreover, he continuously came
rumors that she often allows herself to flirt with their partners
shooting. At the same time, Craig’s career has stalled, at least in
the past year has not left any of his new movie. And, according to a source
the newspaper, close friend Daniel, Craig began desperately jealous of her
wife as to her success, and starred with her actors.

The couple began to quarrel, and the upshot was that they decided
some time to live apart. They were not seen together for months. and
not only on red carpets but in everyday life…

But how beautiful it all began! They met in 2010 on the set
the film “House of Dreams”. The outbreak of passion between them was so strong that both
without hesitation broke for his love relationship with their former partners.
Wise divorced the father of her child Henry with Director Darren Aronofsky, with whom
have been married for 9 years. And Daniel broke up with his girlfriend producer Satsuki
Mitchell, which, as everyone thought, but was going to marry. In 2010, Craig and
Wise played strictly secret wedding, which was attended by all
four. And friends of the couple thought that Daniel and Rachel will stay together
happily all my life. But fate decreed otherwise. However, before
the official divorce process case for Craig and wise has not yet reached. So
who knows, maybe they are still reconciled.