Аркадий Укупник с женой разъехались
The wife of the musician lives in a Moscow apartment and Arkady — in the garage.

Arkady Ukupnik

Photo: Personal archive of the artist

Arkady Ukupnik banished to the garage. Such a surprise to the day
birth, Arkady notes tomorrow, the musician made his wife Natalia,
having started in a country house in Barvikha large-scale repairs. However, the room for
cars the singer has long turned into a private office, where loves to work, and
sometimes still sleep on the comfortable sofa.

At the time of repair Natalia moved
in the Moscow apartment. This happened not because the couple began
difficulties in relations, but because of the six-year-old daughter Sonia. The girl has a lot
groups and sections, besides she goes to school to preparatory courses in
next year Sonja will go to the first class.

“To get through traffic
to the school, not very comfortable, — said Natalia. — So as soon as began
repair work we Sonia immediately moved into our Moscow apartment.
Well, Arkady was left in the garage for a few days to look after the workers and
to complete work on a new song “Passport”. This continuation of the story
“You’ll never marry.” Tomorrow we will be reunited. Arkady watched
the work of maintenance crews for five days and were satisfied.”

Update the family nest at a conservative estimate of the pair
will take about six months.