Дана Борисова воссоединилась с дочерью и обругала мать The presenter said, how is the situation in her family. According to Borisova, in this time the child is with her. However, the trial on the issue of permanent residence Polina is not yet over.

Dana Borisova was reunited with her daughter Pauline Aksenova. For several months the TV presenter explains relationship with her husband through the courts. Former spouses can not decide who of them will be to live the heir. However, at this time the girl is with her mother. Weekend Borisov went along with heir for a manicure. Craftsmen made colourful Christmas design on nails girls.

However, in the family of The overdue another conflict. In one of the last programs “the Stars aligned” her mother Catherine was again demonized daughter. The woman claimed that she was not allowed to see my granddaughter. According to the presenter, her cousin wants to cash in on a scandalous conversation about it.

“Despite the outrageous crap about me, as it turned out, my mother used to say, I want to state for the record that my daughter till 10 Jan lives with me, I gave it to her dad as much as two weeks, we don’t rasstaemsya, sleeping together in obnimku, and, most importantly, together we will meet new year’s eve” – told Dana.

Recall that in early December, Dana bragged that they could win in court on one case. “The world’s judge, 178th judicial district in the Ramenki district overturned the court order on collecting from me alimony for the daughter, Pauline, for the reason that I and so they are willing to pay. A huge thank you to my lawyer and all of you for the love and support,” said star.

By the way, soon will be another hearing in the case from the category of “Disputes connected with education of children.” The lawyer says she is doing everything possible to give it to her daughter. Borisova is very attentive to their health and regularly goes for tests. The presenter can’t even drink any pain meds. That is why it was very difficult to cure the cough. Evil tongues, there was talk that Dana wanted to commit suicide, and therefore was in the hospital.

The star itself hastened to make excuses. “Acclimatization, I was diagnosed with tonsillitis and laryngitis. In addition, the ruptured diaphragm. I drank in front of the tele Andrei Malakhov huge amount of drugs to ease pain and cough. I made a gastric lavage. I am a woman of faith, neither of which the suicide attempt cannot be considered. It is outrageous to write such filth and poison me!” – wrote Borisov.