Дана Борисова раскрыла правду об оказании эскорт-услуг On Wednesday, the Internet has released intimate correspondence, in which TV presenter allegedly agreed to spend the night with a man for money. After some time Dana Borisova commented on the unfolding sex scandal.

This week, the Network appeared information about the fact that recovering from addiction Dana Borisova supposedly offers men services for money. In the Network appeared the screenshots of the conversations in which a user with a photo of the presenter avatar in detail painted their proposals to potential clients. It was argued that Given appreciated up close and personal with her four thousand dollars. Exactly the same amount, as reported, called the face Borisova one wealthy man and his friends.

In a recent interview Dana Borisova clarified the speculation of the public. TV star said that such information is untrue. Leading sees no reason to make excuses. Instead, she thanked the caring people for support.

“I come not to repent. Well, don’t want me to take a sober and believing I was a promiscuous woman. Why would I admit to something I didn’t do? – told the star correspondents. – I’m sitting at home. This fake correspondence, there’s still all these words. I don’t say so. Well-wishers naturally, a lot. Photos Yes, mine, but there is no word”.

During a conversation with journalists, Dana said that he had come to show the condition. Celebrity lead a sober lifestyle and not abusing alcohol. After broke the sex scandal, some familiar Borisova turned away from her.

“Recovery taught me that it is not necessary to justify. If you start this wave, you’re found guilty. I have nothing to justify and repent. Yesterday I was hurt, sad and disgusting that friends have turned away and are not supported. But I went up and got drunk. Me the theme of this sex scandal is not scary. I knew that sooner or later it will end,” – shared TV presenter.

Not so long ago there was rumors that Dana Borisova another breakdown. But the star refutes this information. She is ready to take any tests to prove his innocence. In recognition of This, she feels the fear return to active alcohol use. “It anywhere in stores,” explains Borisov. At the same time drugs to This long forgotten topic. “She does not cause me fear,” said celebrity in an interview with radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Add that Dana Borisova continues to clarify relations with the former civil husband of Maxim Aksenov. According to the presenter, ex-lover forbids her to communicate with her daughter and sets the child against the mother. At the moment, Aksyonov and Borisov sort out the relations in court. Alexander Gordon was expelled from the talk show the offender Dana Borisova