Dana Borisova planning to buy a new home

Дана Борисова планирует купить новое жилье The presenter sold the apartment and plans to buy a new property. The star wants to move closer to her daughter. Dana Borisova is going to buy and since the car tired from the trip in the subway.
Дана Борисова планирует купить новое жилье

Dana Borisova completed a treatment for drug dependence. Rethinking his life, the young women decided to change it. As a result, the presenter took up the sale of luxury apartments. She claimed that wants to purchase a more modest property close to the apartment, where her daughter Pauline.

The other day Borisov boasted that the transaction of sale is finally completed.

“Sold the apartment for 19 million 800 thousand rubles. Take two-room apartment in the nearby daughter home. Plus I will look after the car. Mom, while I was in rehab in Thailand, I sold my car. I’m tired of subway. Soon I’ll be driving again,” shared Dana.

Recently a young woman was vacationing abroad with his daughter. Borisov was able to find a common language with ex-husband, so now a lot of talking with little Pauline. She often shares news of his personal life, not getting tired to mention that finally enjoys life to the fullest.

The star does not deny that he wants to fully reunite with his daughter, but so far it seems to be impossible.

“You often ask us whether or not Paula with me. No, she lives with dad, the courts have not yet ended, but I don’t want them to continue. Still, so far not solved my housing problem, to take Paula on a rented apartment isn’t an option. But we are now almost 50: 50 deal with it, and during a vacation on Crete, I hear her say, “Mommy, only you understand me”. Thank you for believing that we will be together, it just happened” – shared TV presenter previously.

Fans do not get tired to mention that Dana has transformed and externally. She began to look much younger than my age, and now regularly receives hundreds of compliments. “How glad I am that your life is all good. Good for you, hope many, Finally a black stripe in life Borisova ended,” “I believed from the outset that the Danochka will win the dependence and find some peace” – opinions of fans of the stars.

Subscribers trying to support Borisov, and she does not get tired to thank them for it. The young woman notes that she really had a hard time in recent months, but now the bad habits are gone forever.

Dealing with “KP”, Dana said that plans to do business. Now presenter along with her friend engaged in furnishing premises for a beauty salon which will be located in the heart of the capital.

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