Дана Борисова снова выходит замуж

Between the first and second married Dana Borisova pereryvchik small. Only a few months ago she divorced her first husband Andrew, whom she married a year ago, and now it became known that she again prepares to become a married lady. About the presenter told on his page on the social network.

Дана Борисова снова выходит замуж
“How nice to come together in Cartier and choose a funky pair of similar rings! I hope they will bring joy to the last of our years!” — posted by Dana under the photo, which depicted her hand with the ring on the fourth finger.

Who is this happy owner of Dana Borisova, a famous blonde does not apply. Everything about it learned only last week when the TV presenter said in his microblog that he met the man of her dreams. About the groom Borisova know that he is younger than his forty-year passion, but the bride is not confused, she is sure that the second marriage will be more successful than the first.
Dan introduced the beloved daughter and they were able to find a common language.
“He loved me and wants to give all the best daughter in the Mix! It’s so nice!” — enthusiastically wrote Borisov.
Recall that the problems in the family with a previous husband became known six months ago when Dana said about the loss of a spouse. He didn’t just run away from her but grabbed her car. As admitted herself Borisov, near the loud message she wanted to get her husband back into the family, but to keep him she still failed.
“My husband is a good man, but as it turned out, to me it is impossible to live” — she sighed sadly, filing for divorce. I hope this marriage will be for This and her lover last.

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