Dana Borisova is afraid of deprivation of parental rights from-for alcoholism

Дана Борисова боится лишения родительских прав из-за алкоголизма The star fears that the guardianship can take her daughter. According to Borisova, the Network began to appear rumors that she regularly consumes alcohol. Dana claims that this information has no relation to reality.

      Dana Borisova tired of the rumors that spread about her online. TV presenter decided to appeal to the Investigation Committee a statement in which the accused detractors of slander. In the Internet appeared the information that the woman is abusing alcohol almost in the presence of his daughter Polina. The star herself has denied these data, explaining that they are spreading “hate”.

      “I don’t drink alcohol. Every day I get up half past five in the morning, sit behind the wheel and take the daughter to school. In the afternoon I’m taking Paula out of school. We can say that all day behind the wheel. So I can not a priori be drunk. After school come to my daughter Tutors. When they, too, sorry would come out drunk,” Borisov admitted.

      Dana recalled the story, which involved the participant of the project “Dom-2” Denis Kozlevich. According to the woman, he lied to her, telling the public that she leaves the child unsupervised. Dana Borisova fell into despair after the scandal

      “View my “Instagram”, I always Pauline! I spend all my money on Tutors for her daughter. Polina for me the most important thing in life. I just fear that the guardianship had read on the Internet about me any nonsense and take from me Pauline. And without a daughter I will not live. I don’t want that life, when mud poured from all sides,” said Dana.

      Recall that Borisov faced aggression in his address shortly after breaking up with her boyfriend Alexander Morozov. In the television broadcast the man said that Dana does not care about his daughter. After some time after the broadcast, the presenter called the accusations slander. “How much can you humiliate me! Leave me alone”, a post left Borisov on the page in a social network. The woman claims that care about the child and she pays for Pauline’s school and its preparatory classes.

      Fans wish her strength and patience. “I love my child and will not allow you to deprive me of my sense of life, my Pauline,” warned Dana, dealing with the publication of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.