Dana Borisova has informed about the financial difficulties

Дана Борисова сообщила о финансовых трудностях
At the moment, the TV presenter Dana Borisova undergoing treatment for addiction at a rehabilitation clinic in Thailand.

Дана Борисова сообщила о финансовых трудностях

Dana frequently goes online and communicates with its fans. Many accuse her that she is trying to capitalize on the problem, but Dana announced that she is now in financial difficulties.

“Are you accusing me of making money. Especially I did not earn. A loan from me in August. On August 10 I got to cover another payment. Until August I were made of money… I have nothing to repay in August, but I hope that I can help my friends,” – said TV presenter.

Given a few years ago bought an apartment on credit and monthly shall pay the required fee. Then she had no problems with work so not had any difficulties with the payment of the debt, but now the situation has changed.

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