Дана Борисова развелась с мужем

Almost on the eve of his fortieth anniversary of the famous Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova , became a free woman – famous blonde woman divorced from her husband Andrey Troshchenko, whom she married less than a year ago.

Media reported that the magistrate Vasilisa Lapina divorced are Given, thus satisfying the statement of the journalist.
Recall that Borisov got married and Troshchenko 22 Jun 2015, and Given this marriage became the first. The couple broke up, suddenly all spent together a little over six months. The woman wrote a statement to the police that her husband disappeared in an unknown direction, having stolen her car. For two weeks Andrew was wanted. As it turned out later, in a strange way Borisov wanted to return the man in the family. But, returning home for a few days to his wife, Troshchenko gone forever. Later, Borisov admitted that the blame for their breakup believes his mother, who was the cause of their quarrels.
At the divorce hearing Dana came in jeans and almost no makeup. The woman seemed indifferent to what was happening.
“I don’t care,” she said. Since no joint property, no children, Dana and Andrew was not, the trial lasted a matter of minutes.

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