Дана Борисова пожаловалась на безденежье The presenter told us about the problems with finances. In recognition of Dana Borisova, some time ago she went to the Bank to buy an apartment. Last years star was monthly paid the credit institution for a few thousand dollars.

TV presenter Dana Borisova is now in a rehabilitation centre in Thailand. A woman communicates with fans via “Instagram”. Recently the star decided to go live to answer questions from subscribers. Conversing with followers, Dana announced the opening of a clinic for drug addicts. According to Borisova, it will work very soon – in September.

Some social media users blamed the blonde that she is trying to cash in on his position. Borisov responded to the accusations of subscribers. The star denied the speculation of the public and openly talked about the problems with finances. A few years ago, Dana took a loan of 740 thousand dollars for the purchase of apartments. Then Borisov complained about the lack of jobs and could afford to let a lot. Monthly the celebrity was paid a large sum. Now, Dana says, she was left to pay about a thousand dollars.

“Are you accusing me of making money. Especially I did not earn. A loan from me in August. On August 10 I got to cover another payment. Until August I were made of money… I have nothing to repay in August, but I hope that I can help my friends,” said Borisov.

When to open a medical center, a leading will be able to partially resolve their problems with debt. Dana also asked followers to contact her direct with questions about the treatment and its clinics. “I really want to help people by its example,” said the blonde.

In recognition of the celebrity, it was hard to refuse the pills. As reported by Borisova, she was regularly taking antidepressants and sleeping pills since adolescence. In addition, star purchased and other drugs.

The stay in the rehabilitation center helped the blonde feel better and start to deal with problems. According to This, she liked to communicate with other patients. The presenter also noted that it “does not lie on the beach and tans”, and devotes much time to the realization of their addiction and making the steps towards recovery.

Dana Borisova: “Daughter does not want to communicate with me”“For three months I learned to speak. I’m not talking like now – well, interesting and confident. You speak out, you listen to the other band members and you get feedback,” explained the celebrity.

By the way, after a week, Dana Borisova will celebrate three months of their rehabilitation. The star thanked his fans for those interested in its fate. “I’m so grateful that you support me. Mostly I read good comments” – with these words the anchorwoman turned to the subscribers.