Spain killed and burned Russian

В Испании убили и сожгли россиянку Foreign media reported that the attacker had started the fire in the woman’s apartment. According to police reports, 32-year-old resident of Valencia, was first killed by a criminal, and then he decided to cover his tracks and set fire to the room.
В Испании убили и сожгли россиянку

As reported by a number of publications, citing Spanish police, 32-year-old resident of Valencia, of Russian origin, was brutally murdered in his apartment. According to investigators, the offender struck the woman injuries, including traumatic brain, incompatible with life. From injuries she died. According to some reports, the attacker tried to cover her tracks and set fire to housing. Law enforcement found the body of the deceased on the fire place.

According to Spanish media, the suspect in the murder of Russians have been detained. Presumably, he will impose several charges. As reported by the newspaper, the investigation continues. Information about the identity of the attacker is not disclosed.

Russian diplomats have not yet been in contact with reporters and did not comment on this issue. According to Spanish Newspapers, the deceased was a seven year old son. Other media outlets reported that the victim was 38 years old and not 32 as stated in most sources.

Earlier, the representative of local authorities said that it is necessary to conduct an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death of women.

By the way, last week a tragedy happened with another Russian citizen. The woman suffered during the attack the attacker in the Egyptian resort. A tourist was injured during a shooting on the beach.

“I get up, turn around and see me in all speed this Arab. I saw his huge wild eyes and a huge nose. (…) While I was standing, it was fine, although it maybe hit me a couple of times. And then he had me knocked out, or I fell – it was a mess, as they say. Like he sat at my feet, was struck, I tripped hands, spun, spun. Even if I fell, I tried to push off, so I’m not very deep wounds. Don’t know how long it lasted, but I felt that he hit me in the neck”, – told about the incident and survivors Elena Mikhailenko. She was afraid to die from injuries, but with my son rallied and came to the hotel, where she called an ambulance.