Дакота похвасталась огромным бриллиантом от Влада Соколовского Ninth of March the singer celebrated a birthday. The husband of singer Vlad Sokolovsky gave her a memorable holiday and a big party. The main gift, recognition, birthday girl has become a piece of jewelry.

      A year and a half ago, the Russian show business with the chic walked in the wedding graduates “Factories of stars” Vlad Sokolovsky and Margarita Gerasimovich. Their romance began unexpectedly. In recognition of the artists, before they each other did not perceive. Now, the pair is considered to be one of the strongest.

      As proof of his love, the man gave his wife a white gold ring with a huge diamond.

      In addition to jewelry, the singer gave Rita a real surprise party to make the birthday girl special. On practice gathered the family for the birthday girl people.

      “Birthday, carefully and in secret from me, organized by my favorite man, I thought until yesterday, I know, but which never ceases to amaze me and to fall in love with a new strength every day. In my unnamed since yesterday flaunts huge diamond of the purest, given by my husband. Valuable but not CTW, not the purity and size, not the name of the jeweler on the box, and history. This story I will tell, even great-grandchildren, because she’s amazing, real, touching and truthful and from”.

      In the microblog Dakota said that a few years ago they could not think about such luxury.

      “I remember the funny kids in love, giving all to the last penny in their dream: to record his songs and videos in promotion of his work, self-development and self-education, musical instruments, travel to the other end of the earth, gifts to each other and their mother. We went on their first scratched old machines, preparing Asian meals at home, worked hard and dreamed of. And two years ago Vlad made me an offer. Just like that, without a ring,” recalls the actress.

      To be his wife Sokolowski asked her directly in the Bali jungle. The beauty admitted that it happened unexpectedly for both of them. “We didn’t plan anything when flying there, so we did not have neither the desire nor the capacity to spend a fortune on a ring.”

      The absence of expensive jewelry influence and the fact that Bali is only quoted a local silver which is considered sacred. Island jewelers in the eighth generation was specially created for the occasion ring. They couple had their first ceremony in Paradise.

      “Later, in Moscow to the wedding we made a ring from the family gold brilliantine that remained from grandma. We both understood that the American tradition of a ring with a large stone is prejudice and clichés of modern man, but Vlad then told me anyway: “Baby, I’ll give you the best ring, because I want to” – quoted her husband Dakota.