Крем-баттер с манго, охлаждающий стик, СС-эликсир и другие бьюти-новинки

Cream fluid extract, Japanese Camellia, cream the butter for a body with oils of mango and coconut, night treatment with retinol, natural roll-on deodorant, Foundation SS-elixir and other beauty innovations of the week — about all the most interesting talk in our review.

Lipstick Volupte Plump-In-Colour, Yves Saint Laurent (2 800 rubles)

Valentine’s day has long passed, but my attraction to all things pink (with hearts!) left. We couldn’t resist a pretty lipstick Volupte Plump-In-Colour, Yves Saint Laurent.

The outer layer gives lips a radiant translucent color, and the balm in heart shape with natural coconut oil and pomegranate extract that is inside, makes them visually more voluminous. A choice of six juicy shades.

Cream fluid Hydra Beauty Cream Water Camellia, Chanel (4 199 RUB)

Experts Chanel has expanded its line Hydra Beauty care and developed a hydrating fluid that promises to make the skin radiant, well-rested, well-groomed and fresh — like the morning dew. In his heart — an extract of Japanese Camellia, which is contained in the collection. Especially for the brand it is grown in the South-West of France, near gaujac oppidum. The flowers are picked by hand from January to March, then the primary extract gets to the lab, where it is divided to extract a white Camellia with a high concentration of oligomers. They help to restore and retain water balance in skin cells.

Крем-баттер с манго, охлаждающий стик, СС-эликсир и другие бьюти-новинки

With him in the composition is hyaluronic acid and blue ginger extract. Another secret formula tiny pearls, are the Champions of creating illusions. They catch the light and make the skin visually smoother. The cream can be used morning instead godovogo tools, and can be applied as a primer before make — up for added radiance.

Крем-баттер с манго, охлаждающий стик, СС-эликсир и другие бьюти-новинки

Cream butter for a body with oils of mango and coconut, Mixit (645 rubles)

Incredibly appetizing lineup with mango butter and coconut came from the Russian brand Mixit (the one who set the Guinness record). Want to eat everything: moisturizing butter for the body, and a tropical shower gel, smoothing scrub and shampoo, and hair mask, and even face cream. Start Dating with body oil. Part of: Ginkgo biloba extract, butter and coconut extract that soften and nourish the skin, vitamin F to promote rapid healing of damaged, regenerating the epidermal barrier Shea butter, which is also prevents peeling and dryness.

Summer Sunkissed makeup collection, Clarins (price on request)

Experts Clarins invite everyone on a journey into the heart of the desert. New summer makeup collection Sunkissed takes a distant land, where the warm shades of the sun-drenched Sands, rich exotic colors and bright ethnic patterns blends perfectly with tanned skin. Powder in two palettes gives the skin a “kiss of sun” and will give a delicate Shine.

Крем-баттер с манго, охлаждающий стик, СС-эликсир и другие бьюти-новинки

Automatic pencil for eyes with thin rod Waterproof Pencil in a bright blue shade will help to create a make for pool parties. However, if you decide to plunge into the sea this evening, the pencil will not “drift away”, thanks to water-resistant formula for it.

Another novelty of this month is Clarins pigment, which is firmly held throughout the day (say, 300 withstands kisses) and leaves no residue. The tool was released in three new berry shades, and more precisely, new versions are already available: purple, pink and red.

Night cream with retinol Retinol 0.3, SkinCeuticals (6 696 RUB.)

Retinol once again confirmed its title of the most popular fat-soluble vitamin, antioxidant and synthetic analogue of vitamin A. SkinCeuticals has released a lightweight version of the cream with the most stable formula (0.3 percent) for those who have just started to get acquainted with retinoids. Pure retinol, DIPROPYLENE glycol (Boswellia serrata extract) and the bisabolol (chamomile extract) work in three ways: reduces the visibility of wrinkles, improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Крем-баттер с манго, охлаждающий стик, СС-эликсир и другие бьюти-новинки

What is especially nice, the tool can be used even in the summer, but with the condition of application of sunscreen in the morning. To avoid dryness, it is better to combine it with a triple corrective lepidospartum means Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2. The use of these two products allows to reduce a period of adjustment to the retinoids up to one week.

Cream for the skin around the eyes with antioxidants and cooling to stick to the skin around the eyes, Darphin (5 400 rubles and 2 250 RUB.)

It seems that the cream with antioxidant for the skin around the eyes from the collection of Intral — De-Puffing Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream. And even more! It promises to reduce redness and swelling, and to prevent the appearance of dark circles and protect the delicate skin from the negative effects of the environment. Responsible for all this complex code-named Intral”s Calm Complex, consisting of extracts of chamomile, hawthorn and peony. The cream has no smell, and it absorbs quickly, which can not but rejoice.

Крем-баттер с манго, охлаждающий стик, СС-эликсир и другие бьюти-новинки

From Darphin Hydraskin like ice cube, instantly hydrates and cools the skin and fights the consequences “finishcoat”. Formula funds 80 percent of ingredients of natural origin: it extracts ice algae and pomegranate with the addition of hyaluronic acid. It can be applied to clean skin as care products or makeup base, and use throughout the day to hydrate and refresh the skin.

Крем-баттер с манго, охлаждающий стик, СС-эликсир и другие бьюти-новинки

Tone SS-elixir AD Ciel (760 rubles).

Especially to the warm season, when you do not want to cover your face with a thick layer of Foundation, mark Ciel released CC-elixir Age Defence. The tool works on two fronts at once: provides complete care and evens skin tone. In the line of only one universal shade, but it adapts perfectly to every skin color.

Крем-баттер с манго, охлаждающий стик, СС-эликсир и другие бьюти-новинки

Note that this is not a cream, not a mousse, namely — the elixir. Name of the product due to its composition: a complex of ceramides restores the lipid barrier of the skin and moisturizes, stimulates carnosine anti-aging processes in the skin, sunscreens (SPF 15) protects your skin from UV rays.

Updated natural line of roll-on deodorant Roll-on, Weleda (648 RUB.)

Nehalennia lovers of organic, natural and eco-friendly deodorant Roll-on from Weleda acquired a superior formula. Citrus, pomegranate, and male (herbal-spicy scent of vetiver) deodorants provide 24-hour protection against odor and long-lasting freshness.

The experts at Weleda have developed a composition in which there is no harmful component, because the use of antiperspirants with aluminum salts or zirconium contribute to the clogging of pores and lead to risk of abscesses of the sweat glands. Instead of them — licorice root extract, glycerin, witch hazel distillate and components of natural essential oils.

And Weleda cares about the environment and 70 percent of plastic packaging manufactures from recycled materials that does not cause any harm to the nature.

Line purifying gel cleanser “Fresh start”, Himalaya (210 RUB.)

This gel cleanser will cope with the database and with Foundation and powder and concealer, and even water-resistant lipstick. The only area which let it is not worth it. A choice of four options: with aromas of blueberry, strawberry, lemon and peach. Inside a small white scrubbing particles made from gooseberry and granules of natural components.

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