Кортни Кокс и ее бывший жених возобновили отношения
The star of “Friends” and David McDaid spent Easter Sunday together.

Courteney Cox c her fiance and daughter

Photo: Splash News/East news

Residents Of Los Angeles,
strolling through the streets this Sunday on the occasion of the Catholic Easter were very puzzled, identifying fashionably dressed
the pair, engaged in shopping, the star of “Friends”
Courteney Cox and her ex-boyfriend. Actress and johnny McDade had a nice conversation
and laughed. And joy’s pacing beside them Coco, 11-year-old daughter Courtney — Cox married David Arquette, just
beamed with happiness. But as recently claimed the actress, she not only
broke up with Macadam, but also stopped him from any contact…

Cox and johnny started
to meet in November of 2013, when worked together on one of the projects. And in
June 2014 they announced their engagement.
Alas, the wedding never took place: in December of last year they decided
to leave. The official reasons for the breakup Cox indicated that
the fact that they allegedly are unable to agree on where to live together. But, as
claimed evil tongues, the real reason of their separation was that Courtney
managed to catch your fiance cheating. She allegedly even hired a private
detective to spy on Macadam and the result has justified the most
the worst fears.

As told by bridesmaids
actress, parted with her fiance, who, incidentally, is younger than it for 12 years,
Courtney was extremely worried. Moreover, not only for himself, but for his daughter,
which done extremely tied with johnny. Coco, as recognized by Cox,
very wanted her mother had married. She helped Courtney to plan a wedding
and dreamed of becoming a bridesmaid…

Does coke
and McDaid decided to make peace, or they just started their reunion on
the occasion for the sake of Coco, time will tell.

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