The new host of “Revizorro”: “compared with Lena Fly, I’m cute!”

Новая ведущая «Ревизорро»: «По сравнению с Леной Летучей, я – милашка!» Ex-soloist of “VIA gra” for the first time commented on his joining the popular show. In the beginning of April on the TV channel “Friday” starts a new season of “Revizorro”.

      Новая ведущая «Ревизорро»: «По сравнению с Леной Летучей, я – милашка!»
      Новая ведущая «Ревизорро»: «По сравнению с Леной Летучей, я – милашка!»

      In the beginning of April on the TV channel “Friday” starts a new season of “Revizorro”. Expressive Elena Flying in it will replace the singer, ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra”, 30-year-old Olga Romanovskaya. Many assumed that such changes are associated with the pregnancy of Elena, but the TV host denied the rumors.

      “The proposal came unexpectedly, says “StarHit” Olga Romanov. The year I did not start very well: in Turkey we were robbed by the taxi driver, then from the hotel were not released due to the terrorist attack, and to dock in Israel due to customs cavity search, my children and missed the flight to Kiev. When I called my agent Yuri Borisov said that I was invited to audition for this program, I was surprised. I went through all the stages, the first program have already been shot. The experience is not great, but it amazes me even what I could see. Until you get used to this regime, join. For example, now fly to another hemisphere to shoot a video for the duet song from Dan Balan. And then in Moscow at the shooting of “Revizorro”.

      Romanov is confident and says that he is not afraid of comparisons with previous leading. Although he is aware that an awful lot of fans who even held a rally for the return of the Fly “Revizorro”.

      Care Helena Fly from “Revizorro” provoked a scandal

      “I once was compared to a sex symbol, chic Nadia Granovskaya, to the place which I, a young Sparrow, came to the group, – continues Olga. – Are you scared of the comparisons with Lena? No. She’s a great professional, beautiful woman… And I have no problems with self-esteem! Understand that the experience I need to accumulate for months, but I am quite sure of himself. And absolutely another – will be able to make this show something new. I have only a little time. I, by nature, are rather cute. But, at the same time, I can ruffle a few seconds, and I turn into an angry monster. Don’t like rudeness, rednecks, when blatantly lying… I understand that you have to deal with such people. And I’m ready! “Revizorro” I looked. And Ukrainian variant with Olga Freimut, too. To be honest, sometimes looked at Lena and thought that I would do in this situation, otherwise, would have picked it up other words… But when faced with it on the other side of the screen cease to reason like sitting on a comfortable sofa”.

      Now Romanov lives on three countries: in Odessa the singer had two sons, and works in Europe, beloved husband Andrew. “My husband has been self-sacrificing, – smiles Olga. – More doubts I have: understood that the upcoming schedule will leave less time for my solo career and the family. Children live in Odessa with my parents, I don’t want to take them to Moscow. Summer is coming, sea, beaches… Want to have their vacation passed in pleasure. Andrew said that for me this is a big step forward, an opportunity to grow. He, of course, as I’m worried, for us and for our sons this is a difficult test of distance.”

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