Косметология в Глобалмед: верните здоровье своей коже

On skin health is influenced by environmental factors, habits and care. At home quite difficult to properly care for the skin, especially problematic. Budget cosmetic product will not give the expected result, and the cleaning procedure practical can not be made without special apparatus.

Globalmed medical center offers the services of professional beauticians with experience, which will help restore the health of your skin. Book your first consultation where the specialist will diagnose and prescribe suitable treatment. The medical center offers a variety of services for skin enhancement.


For diagnostics and consultation at the medical center of Globalmed uses modern computer technology that enable professionals to accurately assess the condition of the skin and carry out a full inspection.

The software helps to determine:

  • The state of the pores;
  • The presence of pigmentation;
  • The presence of wrinkles;
  • The percentage of moisture and other indicators.
  • Specialist will advise and prescribe appropriate for the patient’s skin procedures.


    Every girl and man want to return or prolong youthfulness of the skin to keep it elastic, clean and beautiful. Modern cosmetic techniques to help restore youth without any cost. Resurfacing accelerates the metabolic processes in the skin, increasing blood circulation, activates internal mechanisms of regeneration and cell renewal. The procedure is performed not only on the face but also the body.

    Laser removal

    Imperfections inconvenience almost the entire population of the earth. It can be deep wrinkles, growths on the skin or other problems. At the medical center of Globalmed experts will carry out such procedures laser:

    • Laser removal of vessels
    • Laser resurfacing
    • Laser whitening

    Care on cosmetics

    Very often people have no time to carry out beauty treatments at home, and expensive tools simply can not afford. Budget preparations will not be able to provide the same effect as from professional tools. Globalmed offers beauty care from the professionals:

  • Complex for face care
  • All-season multipying
  • Year-round care for oily skin
  • Facial Massage
  • The injection

    For cardinal changes of the face are injected. Result of injections is not to achieve simple beauty products. Medical center treatments: PRP, faces, plasmofilter, bio-revitalization, bioreparation, bioreparant injection, blepharoplasty, ozone therapy of the face, Botox and facial mesotherapy.