Cornelia Mango told about their illness

Корнелия Манго рассказала о своей болезни
The singer spoke frankly about the difficult diagnosis.

Cornelia Mango

Photo: @korneliamango/Instagram

Today the country celebrates the world day of struggle against diabetes.
So Cornelia Mango decided to once again
note that this diagnosis can live, moreover you can be very
happy. The singer posted a big post in Instagram for details
spoke about his illness, about how she copes with anger issues and how
she helps her beloved husband Bogdan.

“Now looking back, I remember how three years ago I got this disease.
Could not believe that I would be happy,
healthy, and then it seemed to me that everything! Hell! I was lying in intensive care and understand
one that God punished me for my sins.
But now I realize that I had to stop. Then I thought better of it,
and the year I prayed for health and for my husband. a year later, I met with Bogdan! says Cornelia. The first time I could not control
flash of anger from sugar, but over time, Bogdan began to understand it. But not all men
stand! I was very lucky! And now I’ve learned to control everything in their
life! The only thing I want to say: diabetes is not a death sentence and a new stage in
life. I now understand how to live with it
disease — as well as everything !
Snowboards, waxer, extreme! I loved it before and after I love even more!”