Концерт Ольги Бузовой едва не сорвал мужчина, угрожавший стрельбой The first of March television personality and aspiring singer delighted the residents of Khabarovsk. According to local media, the speech of Olga Buzova tried to get rowdy, which claimed to have brought a weapon.
Концерт Ольги Бузовой едва не сорвал мужчина, угрожавший стрельбой

On the first day of spring, Olga Buzova made in Khabarovsk in the house of culture of trade Unions. A celebrity came to the fans on a train from Blagoveshchensk. The actress was at the station already at half past ten in the morning. There Buzova met a crowd of fans, who proceeded with her to the car. Olga gave bouquets of flowers and soft toys. Everyone wanted to take pictures with the presenter and aspiring singer.

Thanking fans for gifts, Olga waved to them and went to prepare for the long-awaited statement. When at the appointed time Buzova came on the scene, it was met with thunderous applause. The fans knew all the lyrics to the stars by heart and sang along with it. The girl was touched by such attention from the audience and never ceased to Express gratitude to the fans.

According to local journalists, the concert was not without incident. The performance of Olga was trying to get an aggressive man. He behaved inappropriately and threatened staff DK using profanity. Fortunately, the conflict was resolved. The guards calmed the brawler.

“This man started banging in the concert hall, it was not allowed, he shouted that his bag of weapons and he’ll begin to shoot, the guard knocked him out with one punch. After the police arrived and took him to the office,” lead in social networks, review of the witness of the incident.

About what motivated the man who arranged the scandal at the concert Buzova, is not known. Maybe he was in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, therefore, did not give a report of his actions. However, the Network does not rule out that the bully is a hater Olga, so trying to disrupt her performance at any cost.

Another fan TV presenter and singer wrote that he saw a strange spectator in the hall, but what happened next she doesn’t. “Ahead of us sat a man with a sports bag and looked at all… We went out and warned the guards that now the Internet hype is… Well, nothing like we have not seen as I enjoyed the concert”, – she wrote in microblogging.

Itself Buzova did not pay attention to the incident. Star has published a video made at the event and appealed to the local hockey club. “The Amur. Khabarovsk. This song was sung for you today,” shared Olga.

According to “Criminal Khabarovsk” and AmurMedia.