Чулпан Хаматову не волнуют оценки дочерей The actress recalls with a shudder private school years. Chulpan Khamatova much time to education of the heiresses, but she believes it is important to focus on their school grades.

      Чулпан Хаматову не волнуют оценки дочерей

      Chulpan Khamatova is a mother with many. Her charming daughter grow curious and well mannered. Senior Ariana 13 years, the average ACE – 12, and the youngest AI – 5. Older girls in school, and their work is assessed on a scale. However, the results are not particularly interested in. Because for her, the main thing is knowledge.

      “I’m not interested in assessments that children receive in school. I urge all parents not to ignore them. Recalling his ten years in school, I see that useful, especially literature and mathematics. That is, how many extra who took the time and effort,” admits Chulpan.

      Khamatova recalls with a shudder the school years, when she was scared to death to get a bad mark at any subject. According to the actress, she was scared just for a low score, not whether knowledge or not.

      “I remember when my friends in the ninth grade, I started to pass the annual examinations in the ninth class, we decided – if we reported on three (not even just won’t give up!), home not going back. Even looked after a huge pipe under the lake, where he decided to live, if you get three, which to us seemed like a nightmare, almost the end of his life,” says the star.

      Chulpan was aware that her daughter now spend a lot of time in school and it can face different difficulties, bad influence. So she tries a lot to talk with girls to impress upon them some truth. Some suggestions for the mother of Ariana and Asya listen immediately. However, the actress still hopes that in the future her efforts will pay off.

      “I see shoots from the grains that I threw, for example, a year and a half ago. And then said it was categorically not accepted, embarrassed and rejected. I was sure that not only the verbal level. And after a while it turns out that the grain fell where it is needed, and beginning to sprout, says Khamatova in an interview with the website “Pravmir.ru”. For example, I suddenly hear one of the daughters says to someone that she is not interesting kind of girl. “Because she books not read,” says the daughter, who recently has proven to me that books don’t need to read, actually it is nothing good will not.”

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