Chuev on cash scandal: “Afrikantov finger in the pie”

Чуев о денежном скандале: «У Африкантовой рыльце в пушку» Ex-member of telestroke hides some of the details of the divorce with Marina. According to Andrew, soon he will explain how they divided the budget and who was responsible for spending in the pair. According to the man, he’s a nasty rumor that spread about him online.

      A few days after the breakup Andrey Chueva and Marina Afrikantov appear all new and new details. Fans wondering what caused such a sudden rupture of one of the most beautiful couples of the reality show “Dom-2”. Fans of the TV show have been actively discussing the fact that during a recent trip to Dubai, the man did not hesitate to spend money lady for your entertainment.

      Chueva angered by such rumors about his person, so he decided to clarify the situation. “Talk about debt, about money, that I lived Marinin account me depress but, if you are interested in this whole topic, so I told him how it was for real, I waiting for you positive response,” said ex-member of telestroke.

      Subscribers Chueva immediately responded to his offer and started to leave comments with the word “Yes”. If such opinions typed five thousand, the man will tell the truth in a social network. Yet Andrew calls not to believe the rumors that circulate Marina’s mother, Tatiana.

      “Afrikantov, the very stigma of a gun,” said Chuev, completing a video message to the fans.

      The number of viewers of the TV show said that the couple has already broken up and then reunited. Many users of social networks think that this gap is of Andrew and Marina, was planned by the creators of “House-2”.

      “Scenario no no. We parted ways with Marina. I don’t know what Marina wrote about my return. I if back on the project, it is not exactly to the Marina. I ask everyone to take this situation as a given. It was a wonderful time when we were together,” explained Chuev.

      Some have suggested that the initiator of the break could be Marina’s mother, Tatiana. Andrei has always been rather tense relations with Africanoboi-senior. Ex-reality show participant claimed that she was harsh in his statements against him. Besides, Tatiana was opposed to his daughter’s wedding with an older man. “I don’t want to have Marina married – I’m against Chueva!.. I suggest to her: “Stand by the fire and say: “I change everything. Don’t want anything else!” If it fails, I will go back to the project and will defend my daughter,” said Tatiana.