Рождественские каникулы Селены Гомес: наедине с природой и работой

Рождественские каникулы Селены Гомес: наедине с природой и работой

27-year-old American singer Selena Gomez decided to spend the Christmas holidays in a quiet place, close to their relatives. This is evidenced by the photos on her page in Instagram. The footage shows how the singer stands on a beautiful background of snowy mountains. Where it went is unknown to Selena, she decided not to disclose this information.

On vacation Gomez doesn’t forget about his favorite work. Because at the beginning of January 2020, it will present the world his new solo album. One of the photos of Selena showed signs of 4 thousands of disks. The girl congratulated his fans and visitors of the page a merry Christmas and reminded everyone again that the new album will be available to everyone on the 10th of January.

2019 for Selena Gomez was very heavy and at the same time eventful. In the beginning of the year she took a course of psychological rehabilitation in Central America, where she helped get rid of depression. Further, no more to return to a prolonged depression, Selena decided to work hard. Due to this, fans were able to hear the new songs performed by their idol, and to see things from sports brand Puma, which were also developed with the participation of Gomez.

Only at the end of November Selena decided for the first time after a break in career to the big stage. However, apparently, the girl was still not ready for such an event, so before the concert felt a wave of panic attacks. The singer came out, but fans noticed her stiffness and lack of confidence. Therefore, the fact that she is currently at home deep in the mountains, is a good way of rest and relaxation.

At the end of 2019, the girl decided to go with a charity event in Kenya. There she met with local students, shared stories from his personal life and listened to their problems. According to singer, this trip had a beneficial effect on her mental state, she is more aware of and overestimated.

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