Как отдыхает Шакира с мужем-красавцем и детьми?!

Как отдыхает Шакира с мужем-красавцем и детьми?!

Shakira and her longtime best friend Gerard Piqué were spotted on vacation together with children in Milan 6 years and Sasha 4 years! Professional football certainly showed his toned physique when he went to swim in the ocean of Miami.

Shakira, 44 years old, and Gerard Pique, a 32 year, enjoy your holidays! A stunning pair was seen at Miami beach December 24, along with their cute kids. AC Milan 6 years and Sasha 4 years on Christmas eve. The Colombian superstar was in full vacation mode when she saw she was throwing her Nike running shoes, to walk barefoot on the sand, and demonstrated your natural complexion without makeup. Shakira has retained its casual appearance, wearing cropped leggings, a white windbreaker and baseball cap Adidas, bringing their unruly strands of hair in a practical ponytail. The singer was also seen for exercise fitness, taking a bright pink Bicycle and explore the magnificent shores of the ocean.

Как отдыхает Шакира с мужем-красавцем и детьми?!
Her boyfriend, who was born in Spain, who is a professional player, definitely enjoyed the stay in the sun when he decided to swim in the ocean. Forgetting his bathing suit at home, Gerard stripped to a dark gray boxers Dolce & Gabanna show off his incredibly toned physique. With his six pack abs and slender, moderately muscular, hands, Gerard looked absolutely incredible when he dived into the water with my two sons! Later he was seen when he removed his white shirt which was wet from sweat. Also the paparazzi were sealed and intimate moments of Pique and Shakira. Gerard was spotted when he was gently stroking face of his beloved, during their conversation. They looked incredibly in love.
Their wonderful kids too rested to the fullest, this became especially noticeable when they splashed and fooled around with each other in the water. Later, the family who lives in Miami riding on their bikes along the beach!

“We are struggling,” admitted Shakira about his family life in an interview. “There’s a lot of love, is the Foundation of any family. You have to take care of it and devote all my free time. Family is the most important thing to me. The rest is secondary”.
Looks like a couple enjoying their great family vacation, which is only a little more than four weeks, while Shakira will be headlining the Super Bowl Halftime show with a 50-year-old Jennifer Lopez February 2 in Miami! “I am honoured to be one of the biggest stages in the world in the company of female colleagues, which represents Latinos from the U.S. and around the world!”. “This is a real American dream, and we’re going to make a show that viewers will remember for a lifetime!”. In 2020, two legendary women, of course, will be busy rehearsing and we can’t wait to see the show that they make!

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