Christine Quinn walks the streets of Paris in shorts and a cape Daring beauty.

Christine Quinn walks in shorts and a raincoat through the streets of Paris The paparazzi managed to capture 33-year-old Christine Quinn (Christine Quinn) on a walk in Paris.

Kristin Quinn is an American businesswoman, actress, entrepreneur, television personality, real estate agent, model, and fashion designer from New York, United States of America.

She rose to international fame after starring in the Netflix Originals web series under titled Selling Sunset. The first episode of the show aired on May 22, 2020.

Kristin Quinn walks around in shorts and a trench coat through the streets of Paris

For her appearance, the woman chose a very daring outfit. At the top, the star wore a black-and-pink plaid cloak with puffed-out sleeves. The most interesting thing is that the cloak was almost completely unbuttoned, and from the top, except for the bra, there was nothing else on the model. Very daring and provocative.

Downstairs, Kristin put on short pants with the same black and pink plaid as the cloak. They opened a beautiful view of the lady's elegant legs.

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