Крис Эванс помог Скарлетт Йоханссон избежать позора во время церемонии «Золотой глобус»

Крис Эванс помог Скарлетт Йоханссон избежать позора во время церемонии «Золотой глобус»

Captain America to the rescue! Fans are overjoyed, seeing as Chris Evans corrects dress up Scarlett Johansson at the ceremony “Golden globe” avoiding a big fall on stage.

Chris Evans may have left Captain America behind, but he’s still got to be super useful, as Steve Rogers inside of it. 38-year-old Chris came to the aid of his longtime colleague on the film “the Avengers” Scarlett Johansson when her massive dress at the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe 2020” prevented her from fine to go. 35-year-old Scarlett looked like a Princess in her lush red gown, but the huge skirt bothered her, until she and Chris were on stage to present the award. As they handed Taron Egerton Rocket Man for best actor in a musical or Comedy film, the Duo had to go beyond his speech. But video shot by the audience, seen what was happening on their side of the stage.

Крис Эванс помог Скарлетт Йоханссон избежать позора во время церемонии «Золотой глобус»
Chris lifted up her skirt Scarlett and dragged her away! Of course, he made sure that the hem of the dress was perfectly fluffed, when the camera returned to them. Scarlett quickly snuggled up to Chris, and her face had a huge smile when she silently thanked him, this gesture was caught on camera. It was a nice moment for the friends who have worked together as Captain America and Black Widow from the Avengers 2012 to Avengers 2019: Endgame. Almost a year has passed, so we can confidently say that Steve and Natasha died in this film, so there is no chance that they will return for another film together. Obviously, Marvel fans fainted from the knight’s movement Chris.
“I like what is happening from behind,” commented one of the fans of the video that was to show a technical victory Taron. “Look at these two,” wrote another on Twitter, adding crying emoticons and smileys, heart eyes. “Sorry, but my focus is on Chris and Scarlett behind.” Another fan said: “As a fan of #evansson, thank you for this video,” tweeted another fan of the Chris / Scarlett.

Unclear whether found Chris with someone currently with someone, but Scarlett is engaged to the star of Saturday Night Live Colin Jost, 37 years. So about the affair rumors not yet gone!
This is not the first time Chris was caught at a gentleman’s show. He’s got all of Hollywood fell into a swoon at the Oscars 2019, when he jumped out of his chair to help 48-year-old Regina king to go on stage after she began to stumble on her dress. Who Cap is going to help next?

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