Крис Браун угрожает Карруче Тран расправой

The court banned the defendant for violence Chris brown’s closer to the former lover model Carrucha Tran. The reason was the threats of physical violence on the part of the rapper.

The model has provided the court evidence of a credible threat in the form of records, which show the threat of the rapper shooting her. In addition, Carrucha spoke about the beatings that she endured, when they met with brown. She described a case when during a quarrel he twice swiped her in the stomach.
A few hours ago a Los Angeles court has forbidden to approach Carrucha closer than 91 meters, and obliged to surrender all firearms. In response to the actions of the model brown posted a video on his page in the social network, urging fans not to believe everything Carroca said about him. 27-year-old brown, who is known for his aggression toward women, did not expect such a turn of events.
Recall that Tran broke up and brown after it turned out that his longtime girlfriend gave birth to his daughter. Kerrouche did not want to be “part of this drama” and Packed my bags and left him.