Alexander Vasilyev commented on his departure from “the Fashionable sentence”

Александр Васильев прокомментировал свой уход из «Модного приговора»

Alexander Vasilyev called the main star of the program of the First channel “Fashion sentence”. The participants of the show trying to catch every word of the fashion historian, heed his advice. Without Vasiliev’s hard to imagine “Fashion verdict” which was used by millions. Recently it became known that Alexander resigned and left the show, who spent some years.

In its place the guide channel has invited the flamboyant and daring designer who not only comes up with extravagant costumes and hats, but wearing them myself, and now will try to change ordinary Russian women of Andrey Bartenev.

Of course, fans of the show were shocked. Many spectators said that now the principle will not watch the show, because without Vassiliev it does not make sense.

But it is not necessary to be so categorical. It turned out that Alexander took a break, and Bartenev will replace it only for a while.

This Vasiliev himself said in Instagram, where he posted the corresponding video. Bartenev will replace Alexander only eight editions, as Vasilyev need to relax a bit and, in addition, to prepare the exhibition in the State historical Museum.
Gentlemen, there is no cause for concern!