Крис Браун уверен, что его арест был спланирован

American rapper Chris brown, known for his trouble with the law last week, was back on the front pages of Newspapers. last week he was arrested for having threatened a firearm his guest. In the house of a musician in San Fernando rushed the police with a search warrant, during which it was found firearms and drugs. The next day Chris was released on bail. Brown is confident that all this fuss was planned to hurt the girl he kicked out of the house.

The victim was a beauty Queen, model and actress Bailey Curran, who previously was convicted of theft of personal things and money. Chris thinks that she is just a hypocrite, wishing to destroy his reputation.
“I can’t wait when the truth about this incident will be known to all. My fan know me well and they know the truth,” said Chris.
Earlier in his entourage talked about existing evidence that Bailey invented this story. In the hands of the brown’s already got the correspondence, Curran and her friend.
“This freak Chris brown’s kicking me out of their house just because I gave you the ornament of his friend fake. I’m going to frame it, to call the police and say he threatened to kill the exchange. That’ll teach him” — written by Bailey to his friend.
According to Curran, she did nothing, just looked at the decoration of buddy brown, and I didn’t even touch his hands. Allegedly suddenly appeared the rapper pulled a gun on her and stated that she was removed from his home. Girl “very scared for his life”, but did not immediately left, waiting, when out of the house will make her phone and personal belongings. Only then she “ran, looking back” a few houses down the street and called the police.
September 20, the court put the point in this case.