Дети Аллы Пугачевой и Максима Галкина отметят день рождения в садике The kids bring treats to their friends and receive congratulations from them. According to employees of educational institutions, little Lisa and Harry is very generous – always willing to share chocolates, biscuits and toys.

      Дети Аллы Пугачевой и Максима Галкина отметят день рождения в садике

      The most famous twins of Russia – Liza and Harry – September 18 marks three years. On this occasion, the Diva traditionally holds a family dinner in the company of family at the castle – with many gifts to kids and a variety of treats and sweets. However, this is not the only holiday that awaits you guys. On with whom they will celebrate the birthday, how to behave in the garden and how much it cost the star couple, “StarHit” said friends of the family.

      Sand castles

      The first of September Alla Borisovna together with children and nannies, helping to raise Lisa and Harry, returned from Jurmala – there is the family Diva spent nearly three months.

      “The guys are very well-tanned, says “StarHit” friend Pugacheva designer Mila Stavitskaya. – They liked the sea and in the Baltic States as a whole. Brought a bunch of shells, pretty pebbles that collected on the shore. What else do children need to be happy! They are not the least bit spoiled, don’t beg for expensive toys, they are not forced to go with them in every out of the way shop. Garik almost everywhere is favorite machine, Liza’s at the top of a few dolls and soft toys. There was building sand castles on the beach, learned to swim.”
      Дети Аллы Пугачевой и Максима Галкина отметят день рождения в садике

      In Jurmala the kids under the care of a nanny each morning, went to the beach a little later they were joined by father Maxim Galkin, who started the day with Cycling around the city.

      “I saw how he teaches his son properly by moving your arms and legs in water, – has shared with “StarHit” the inhabitant of the Latvian city. Papa doted Lisa and Harry, played with them, patiently answered all the questions about who lives in the sea, why is it salty.”

      Under the protection

      Дети Аллы Пугачевой и Максима Галкина отметят день рождения в садике

      In Moscow the children Pugacheva and Galkina immediately went to a French kindergarten “puss in boots”, which is located near the village of Mud in a closed elite settlement. Alla gave back the heirs at the end of last year. An institution is not cheap – 320 thousand roubles a month. For the money children learn two languages, drawing, dancing, playing musical instruments, choral singing and much more.

      Maxim Galkin: “we Hope that our Alla children do not disgrace the honor of the family”

      “On ordinary days Lisa and Harry in the morning, bring a babysitter with a driver, told the “StarHit” employees “Puss in boots”. – And when we organize events, Alla and Maxim come in person, they are usually escorted by several guards. Looking together with other parents performance, communicate with all children, praise and the, and strangers. Now educators will be to select a tale which will put the next performance – let’s imagine his moms and dads for the New year”.

      In the garden there is a tradition to make a small surprises for birthdays. “This will be the first birthday that you guys will celebrate with classmates – continues the employee of the kindergarten. – Heroes of the day, this day always bring cakes, sweets. By the way, Harry and Lisa are very generous – happy to share toys, biscuits, sweets. Harry is always the corner of my eye watching the little sister ensures that nobody is hurt, protect. And in General they tend to stick together.”