Александр Задойнов устроил скандал на Сейшелах A young man in love who are fighting the participants of the project “Dom-2. The island of love”, attacked one of the girls. Marina Cherkasova, who arrived on the island to fight for the heart Zadoinov, aroused his anger. As a result of the scandal, he used force.

      A few days ago launched the reality show “Dom-2. The island of love”. For the right to be chosen Zadoinov Alexander and Ivan Bursikova struggle twelve sexy girls. The project already passed the first Dating young men with the fair sex. However, some participating in the show even managed to incur the wrath of the bachelors.

      Alexander Zadoinov drugged body to search for the chosen one

      Marina Cherkasova, which is known in social networks as “Mexico”, was the victim of aggressive behavior Zadoinov. She spoke with Alexander, but at the time of the conversation the young man did not like something she said. He lost his temper and threw a party to show into the pool. However, “Mexico” was so persistent that he returned to the room to Zadoinov and went to wet his bed. This infuriated the man, and he pulled the brunette out of his room.

      Other participants in the project discussed what happened between Marina and Alexander. The viewers who watch the events on the island, noted that “Mexico” is as bullied in communication with Bursikova.

      Sexy girl apologized for his behavior on the social network page. “Most of the girls don’t believe in my sincere intentions, I say that I play, Sasha and I don’t need. Know what it’s called drain. Right, first you need to eliminate the strongest, but I will say this: I see no girls from the island, nor you, haters, my “maids”, – wrote Marina under one of the spicy shots from the beach in the Seychelles.

      Some members of the “Mexico” I believe that she will succeed and she will conquer Alexander. “I see between you and Zagajnovym passion, but you both rejected each other, “You’re funny”, “Marina, keep it up,” wrote her followers.

      The island erupted a serious struggle, because at stake is a cash prize. “A couple that showed the strongest relationship, will receive one million roubles. Girls will live in a Bungalow that they inherited is inherited from the old members. And “bachelors” dwell together in the house that we rebuilt. The works lasted three months. Villa with a size of 310 sq m with an 80 meter terrace, two staircases and a swimming pool at a cost of nearly 30 million rubles,” – told “StarHit” the representatives of the team of the project “Dom-2. The island of love”.