Children Dubrovich met with Alla Pugacheva

Дети Дибровых познакомились с Аллой Пугачевой Polina Dibrova revealed the secrets of family life and Maxim Galkin Diva. In weekend, she along with her husband and children visited the castle of the star couple. The kids were delighted from the visit to the pop star.

      Дети Дибровых познакомились с Аллой Пугачевой

      Alla Pugacheva, who had recently celebrated his 67th birthday, still full of energy and strength. This weekend the Diva and her husband Maxim Galkin hosted. In the castle of the star couple, which is located in the village of Mud, came leading Dmitry Dibrov with his wife Pauline and sons.

      Wife Dibrova shared on Instagram a photo of the guests and told how to live Pugacheva and Galkin. Of course, Pauline could not remain indifferent to the talents of the hostess. “Alla Borisovna just an unreal woman. Queen. Very delicate, intelligent, great sense of humor. Many laughed at her jokes,” wrote the mother of three children. It seems that Dobrovich sons loved it, they played restless and was running around the house, it was even difficult to put her to bed. Probably the heirs of Dmitry found a common language with the kids of Alla and Maxim.

      Born in 2013, Elizabeth and Harry win the love and attention of all guests, famous parents, and provoke emotion from fans of the stars. “Kids have wonderful. Lisa sociable and musical, Harry thoughtful. Wonderful family. This. Maxim caring father and husband. Very excited for our kids, because parents split up rather late,” said Pauline.

      Not just children Pugacheva became heroes of social networks. Maxim Galkin believes that the twins will grow up to be very talented. In one interview, Papa charming Elizabeth and Harry told me how the birth of children changed the Diva: “With the advent of children, she had a peacefulness that was not there before. Alla participated in the education of not only daughters, but grandchildren as well. And what independent artists have become Cristina, Nikita, Danny, me are very encouraging. I hope that with Alla our children will not disgrace the honor of the family”.

      Maxim Galkin: “I Hope her children do not disgrace the honor of the family”

      Dibrova admires also the atmosphere that prevails in the family Pugacheva and Galkina. “The energy around crazy,” shared the star. A special impression made on her castle, in which live the friendly owners. Pauline noted that the house is very cozy and beautiful and made with great taste.

      Recall that about ten years ago, Galkin has engaged in the construction of this home, as I always wanted to live in the castle. And after the wedding with Alla Borisovnoj in 2011, they moved there to live.

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