Виктория Дайнеко намекнула, что пережила измену супруга
For some time, many are in perplexity because of the breakup of a popular singer Victoria Daineko and her husband, drummer Dmitry Kleiman.

Виктория Дайнеко намекнула, что пережила измену супруга

The couple decided some time to live separately from each other.

The singer’s fans hope that their family will improve, and again they will come.

“I have a passport, there is still a stamp about marriage. Everything else is nobody’s business,” said Vick in an interview.

According to Daineko a woman should not rely only on her husband, and to achieve its own independence.

“Today you like, you have everything, and tomorrow a man will meet another and you lose everything. I have seen such moments in life when the girl was left with two children and was forced to exist on a dime. Since childhood, I understood: no matter how developed my family life, I must be independent!” – shared Daineko.

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